Bonspiel Winners

* 2019 Bonspiel Results:

January 18/19 - MEN'S MEAT SPIEL  
February 6 - KIDD'S HOME HARDWARE Mixed Invitational
- click:  Kidd's Home Hardware


* 2018 Bonspiel Results:  

     January 19/20 - BRAY MOTORS Men's Bonspiel
- click:  Bray Motors Bonspiel 2018

     February 7th - KIDD'S HOME HARDWARE (Invitational) Bonspiel
- click:  Kidd's Home Hardware Bonspiel

     March 7 - L'EGANCE DAY SPA LADIES (Invitational) Bonspiel
- click:  Ladies Bonspiel L'egance Day Spa

     March 16/17 - BEAR CHAIR Bonspiel
- click:  Bear Chair Bonspiel


Bear Chair Closing Bonspiel 2017

Thanks to the Bear Chair Company for sponsoring the bonspiel.

The Irish folks were curl’n.

The curlers they had fun.

The food was delicious.

So here’s the team that won.

     Ruth Taylor           Dawn Arnold    Sue Kitchen         Gord Allison

Below be the team that decided to let the other teams be more successful.

  Penny Dearden                     Jeff Griffith         Bill O'Hallarn             Vickie Allison

The leprechauns of curling:


Ladies Invitational March 2017

The winners of the spiel were from Powassan:

  L-R:  Penny Ann Lang; Dawn Arnold; Ann Oshell; Vickie Wright

  The runners-up, were also from Powassan:

L-R:  Linda Cunningham;  Carolyn Hanselman;  Erma Osborne;  Leona Van Mierla


Thanks to all the curlers who made this a great success.

Thanks to the people behind the glass cheering the curlers:

Organizers:  Penny Dearden, Dawn Arnold and Sue Kitchen

Kitchen: Penny Dearden, Hal Busch, Cliff Kitchen, Terry Low and Warren Wanless

Ice: Steve Arnold

The muffins and loaves gang: Vicki Allison, Louise Dawney, Sue Kitchen, Mary Norman, Lynn Prior and Ruth Taylor

Thanks to our sponsor: Coldwell Banker

Don Ivens Senior (Invitational) February 2017

Congratulations to the winning team from South River:

                       Warren Wanless       Barb Hundley   Wendy Buryta    Jerry Buryta
Second place went to the Powassan team:

  Doug Oshell          Ann Oshell         Linda Lawrence   Dennis Lawrence

Third place went to the South River team:

                ( Presenter: Warren Wanless )    Ron Harvey               Joan Harvey
                Camera shy: Verna Sohm and Sharon Cottrell

Thanks to all the people behind the scenes who helped make the bonspiel a success.

Men’s Meat Spiel January 2017

Congratulations to the overall winning team and also Draw 2 winning team

   Brian May        Hal Busch      Howard Wager        Kyle Wager          Wade Wager


Congratulations to the Draw 1 winning team (and 2nd place overall)

          Terry Low          Don Norman            Steve Arnold            Doug Kemp

A great big thanks to the organizers, helpers and curlers who made the spiel a success:

Brian May, Bar: Hal Busch & Cliff Kitchen

Ice: Steve Arnold, Dan Hall, Frank Hill, Terry Low, Morley Lymburner, Don Norman

Kitchen: Penny Dearden, Dawn Arnold, Sue Kitchen, Cathy Lymburner, Mary Norman, Lynn Prior

The kitchen crew !                                        
Curlers eating a delicious dinner !

Kawartha Credit Union (South River) Bonspiel 2016

Winning Team: from South River

Paige (KCU)     Lori (KCU)   Terry Low  Verna Sohm  Sharon Cottrell  Warren Wanless

Consolation Team: from South River

                 Sue Kitchen  Cliff Kitchen       Wendy Buryta                Jerry Buryta

Three-ender winner: from Powassan:    Charlie Osborne, Erma Osborne,

                                                                    Gerry Parker, Cathy Parker

Many thanks to the organizers: Mary and Don Norman. Kitchen people: Penny Dearden and Lynn Prior. Bar: Hal Busch   Ice Preparation: Steve Arnold

The games were fun, shots were terrific and the food was delicious.

Thanks to Kawartha Credit Union (South River) for the great prizes. They were much appreciated.


The Bear Chair Bonspiel March 2016

A big thanks to Bear Chair for sponsoring our last “curl of the rock” for the season. Fun was had by all. The potluck supper was delicious. Thanks curlers for bringing the food.

The winners were:

              Sylvia Busch     Ruth Taylor  Cliff Kitchen   Herb Hildner

The team that got the short end of the broom and rocks:

         Mary Norman      Roger Mee         Doug Raaflaub   Sue Kitchen


Some curlers were silly hatted or a little GREEN .


Congratulations to the winners from Powassan.

         Brenda         Linda              Ann          Rosemarie

         Gamble     Lawrence           Oshell            Rose

The Consolation winners were from South River.

            Stefanie               Ruth                Penny       Birgit

            Carleton              Taylor              Deardon    Finnigan
                                                                       (photo absent)

Some curlers' and spectators' attire was most interesting.

                        The Foxy Ladies

A thank you to the following:


Organizers: Dawn Arnold and Sue Kitchen

Iceman:  Steve Arnold

Kitchen crew: Cathy Lymburner, Hal Busch, Cliff Kitchen, Terry Low

Prize donors: Algonquin Fitness & Wellness Centre,
                  L’Egance Day Spa (Sundridge), JB Contracting,
                  Q-T Pie, and Coldwell Banker Re


Congratulations to the winning team from Powassan:

Jerry Way, Elva Way, Ann Oshell, and Ron Hurley (absent from photo)

Thanks to all the curlers who braved the iffy weather to come and have fun. Thanks also to Warren Wanless for organizing the spiel; Jeannie McKee, Penny Deardon and Katy Anderson who prepared a wonderful lunch; Hal and Sylvia Busch for helping at the bar; Steve McKee, Terry Low, Dan Hall and Hal Busch for looking after the ice.

Meat Spiel January 8, 9,  2016

Congratulations to the winners of the Meat Spiel 2016. Games were well played and the food was delicious as usual.

The winning team:

Howard Wager       J. C. Doyle     Wade Wager      Cliff Kitchen

Thanks to the many people who helped make the spiel successful:

Kitchen: Cathy Lymburner, Judy Coalter, Lynn Prior, Judy Maeck, Joan Harvey, Joy Schweitzer

Bar: Hal Busch, Warren Wanless

Ice: Steve Arnold

Organizer: Steve Anderson

And all the curlers.

Kawartha Credit Union Bonspiel

The curlers had great curling and fun. Thanks To Cathy Lymburner and Katy Anderson for the delicious lunch.Thanks Steve Arnold for the good ice. Also thanks to Warren Wanless and Hal Busch for their help during the spiel.

The winner of the Championship round was the Powassan Team of Erma Osborne, Charlie Osborne, Elva Way and Jerry Way.  Kawartha Credit Union presented the trophy.

The winner of the Consolation round was the South River Team of Paul Dykxhoorn, Hal Busch, Dawn Arnold, and Barb Hundley.

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